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Buh Bye Blackheads

So it is so not glamorous or even something I like to talk about, but it needs to be done. We all get them, know the struggle and the pain that it can be. Blackheads & white heads are a huge pain in the .. well you know. Trying to get rid of them is not always easy and a lot of the time in the process of getting rid of them you end up making the situation worse or doing more damage to your face.  I’ve used the extractor tools before and had pretty good experience with them. Its a lot safer and less damage to your face while removing the little evil face villains.However useful they are I always seem to lose the darn things. I’m def loving this set because not only does it have the zipper case for them, but there are multiple sizes!



Available here on Amazon!

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!




I want you to keep in mind that I have reached out to the business that I’m doing the review for because while I have not enjoyed the product I think its important to let the business know why i didn’t like it. I hope that it can be fixed.  I will try my best to update after I have gotten a response from the business.

I don’t usually drink water.  Why? That’s simple. it taste like nothing. and nothing is pretty boring. Ive seen a ton of the water infusers in the last year and never had a desire to buy one or try it. I saw these and decided to give it a shot. I was actually looking forward to doing this review because if it gets me to want to drink more water its a good thing.


The package arrived yesterday, I called the fiance and asked him to pick up some fruit so we can try our sport bottle fruit infusers. ( which he did and got a few different kinds to try) We washed out out bottles to make sure they were clean, cut up the fruit in little pieces and began to fill our infuser part, set that part in the bottle and filled them with water.

Now we put the lids on, made sure the spout was closed all the way and the lids were on good. It was time to shake them up and put them in the fridge for a lil bit to let the fruit infuser do its stuff. I started to shake mine ( not super hard just enough to move the water around) and it started leaking. Todds was also leaking. We  replaced the cap to make sure it wasnt something we did wrong. Still leaked! Which is when I decided to go ahead and make contact with the business to make them aware of the issues we were having. I honestly believe the seal on the lid is just not wide enough to make a good seal for the lid to prevent leaking. You can see it in the video I have posted


This is where you can find them  on Amazon

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!


Oz Naturals Super youth eye gel Review

( this is my review from 2 weeks of use)

I’m 34, and *gasp* sadly I’ve long since become an adult. If you are looking at this product then you’re like me and you want to look and feel younger. Nothing wrong with that! So I’ve been using OZ Naturals “super youth eye gel” I will tell you do not believe things will happen overnight, or that you will magically look 18 again.

I have noticed the under area of my eyes feels more firm and I don’t have the dark circles. I still have my wrinkles! I was really hoping that the wrinkles would get lost. I didn’t notice a huge change in wrinkle decrease. Makes for a sad Chelsea.

Picture 21Picture 22It’s a very small bottle, it says to dab around eyes, forehead and cheek area, the bottle also says it could be used as an all over the face treatment. I personally wouldn’t… the bottle is only  .5fl oz or 15ml it’s not big so I don’t know how long it would last as an all over you face treatment.

Also one thing I personally did NOT enjoy… 2-3 min after applying the product those spots felt sticky/gummy to me. I have NEVER been a fan of anything sticky on my skin It freaks me out. This sticky feeling doesn’t last forever, it’s fine once it dries.. but i’m not a fan of that part at all. Again it’s not a miracle worker…. but it does help firm up the under eye area and reduce the dark circles.

You can pick this up on Amazon Here for just under $18 I would recommend the product and will continue to use it!

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!

Father & Mother rights ( and lack there of at times)

This doesn’t apply to you moms who have valid real reasons to keep your children away from dad. 

While I am QUITE aware that this will not change the minds of some, I do hope that it at least it will bring some much-needed awareness to the subject!

As a parent I know that it’s important for my children to have access to their dads. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t perfect when either relationship ended. However I never downright ignored, avoided or refused to communicate with either of them. I would never ignore a text asking if everything is ok, or how the child is doing. If you would ask either of their dads they would agree that we went through a very rough patch. It did not last long but I myself am ashamed looking back on even that temporary rough patch. I’ve never thought that I alone was the only important parent.

There are way too many women who have children that down right believe that because they are a mother to the child that their rights are far superior to that of a father. This is not the case nor should it ever be the case. I believe wholeheartedly that  a father’s rights and love are just as important to the child. When did it become acceptable to refuse a man to be a part of a life that he created?  I believe this not only seems childish,  but also will only hurt the child that the mother is saying she loves so much!  Clearly this is becoming out of control as I see time and time again fathers get smacked with child support and then have to scrimp and scavenge for extra money to pay a retainer to fight for visitation with his own child.

If the father is safe, not abusive and is not going to harm the child or put the child in danger you have NO good reason to not allow a healthy relationship to take place. It’s just really that simple. I don’t care if you don’t like his family or his new girlfriend or even if he broke your heart! If that man is safe for the child to be around and wants to be there, you should let him! You need to think about your child’s feelings and how it will look when they get older and figure out that dad was there the whole time trying to be a part of their life and YOU prevented it.

It’s also unfair to hold visitation over someones head to try to get the father back. Clearly that’s not going to work for you. If he’s moved on maybe it’s also time for you to do the same. Being a mother means putting your child and their feelings before your own.

Don’t hold your child as a pawn because he has a new girlfriend or wife. You may feel like they are trying to replace you but 98% of the time they just want to be a part of their life too especially if they are in a committed relationship with the father of your child. I’m a child of a failed relationship and I didn’t know until I was much older how long and hard my dad had to fight for the little visitation he got. When I was around 12 or 13 I was sent to live with my dad and It was in that home that my grades turned around, I made friends and I was able to see my dad.

I actually like and get along with the significant others of my exs. I respect them and consider them family. Heck I was just as excited as any one for my sons step mom to have her first-born! I called and texted and went to the hospital soon after she was born. She’s not trying to replace me nor has she ever tried to. It took a lil while but I realized she loves my son and wants the best for him!

MY mom ( my dads 2nd wife) had been my mommy since I was 4 and “tickled pink freezing” It was an unconditional love, I was never her step daughter. I was her daughter. “There are no steps in my house, just the ones that go up stairs and down” I asked her to adopt me after I was sent to my dad and she did. (I understand that someone may read this and be upset and hurt. It’s not my intentionsMy mom as you know her did not give birth to me but she’s been there since before I even knew her. She was the mom who made sure I had a tutor when I needed it, summer school to avoid me being held back. made sure I was eating healthy meals and she made sure I was safe and loved ALWAYS. 

My dad died about a year after I moved to Iowa to live with him. Honestly I have never said this before but there is quite a bit of resentment towards my birth mother I know that she loved me in her own way, but my dad & my mom loved me too and he deserved more time with me than what he was granted. I’m just one child that grew up to know how important and how much a good father means to a child.

Dont be the mom that uses petty selfish reasons to prevent a father – child relationship

Possibly the BEST skin care Products I have ever used!

You can watch the video to see a lil bit of crazy but Its ok, I think I might be crazy about these products!

I literally have spent a lot of time buying face scrubs & making face scrubs from pinterest in hopes to find some magic that will help my skin look and feel better. While yes some of them have been good and do remove dead skin and make my skin smoother. ( At least for a while)

I wanted to try some new skin care lines.. Derma-nu sent me 3 products and I’m going to tell you what they are.. and why I’m so happy with these products!! Are ya ready? If not get ready!

12063597_1095545893789722_2019532461131004788_n The SCRUB! OH MY GOODNESS! I know it looks like a super small container and it is a small container! Inside that container is thee most wonderful smelling little miracle I’ve ever used! ( again… i said it in the video.. I WANTED TO EAT IT..but i did not!) That small container will last me for a good long time! You really honest to goodness only need a tiny bit!( like the size of your thumbnail ) So last night expecting to have to put more on to be able to really scrub my face, to find out the little I took off the cap was enough to spread over my face. Then I realize that not only did I not have to add more to get more scrubby for my face, it was getting everything! Every nook and cranny that I wanted! So here I am doing the scrub and then I notice.. the most amazing tingling! NEVER ever have I had a scrub do that! Suddenly I realize I can feel this scrub cleaning my pores! My mind was BLOWN! This is one product I must keep stocked! You should too if you like face scrubs!

12191506_1095545870456391_5687890816832579143_nThe  Anti-oxidant mask was pretty amazing too, the subtle smell of citrus was very nice! Its got a tingle as well but its more mild! As with the scrub you don’t have to use a ton to cover your face. You leave it on your face to dry for about 10-15 minutes. Here is what i loved about it! Not only did my skin feel nicer and cleaner, but this mask didn’t leave any funky residue on my face like some masks do. It was super easy to remove!

12063371_1095545853789726_7122872381595638151_nNow I had scrubbed my face, used a mask and I was ready for the youth regenerating moisturizing cream. I have used a LOT of different moisturizing in my 34 years. All of which have either NOT moisturized my face, left it oily/greasy feeling or just made it feel nice for 10 minutes and then Id have to reapply it over and over to stop my face from feeling dry. This is creamy and AGAIN.. I only needed a little bit and it lasted all night long! I didn’t feel greasy or oily. Just felt hydrated!

So of course I’m not only shocked how well these things work! Im also going to tell you that I doubt i will find another line that works as well as this one does! Dont take my word for it you have to try them.. even if you only try the scrub! That alone will make you WANT to try the other products! That I can promise!

You can pick up Derma-nu line on amazon  HERE

Go and check out Derma-nu on Facebook

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one elses!

Oh the space I will Gain!! ( YAY!!)

Winter is approaching FAST which means time to swap out the closets and store away the warm weather clothes and things we wont be using while its cold. I’ve been using those GIANT rubber bins that end up taking up a TON of room and get in my way. I needed to find a better way to store stuff because my house is just not big enough for all these huge bins!

I’ve tried and wasted so much money on the ziploc space saver type bags it was like paying $30 for a pack of multi-sized garbage bags! They just would NOT stay sealed  up!

Let me just tell you these are BETTER than the ZIPLOC brands. They STAY sealed! OPTIONAL ZIPPERS included! I just prefer to use without the zippers! when it list small bags in the description they are actually pretty big for being called small! I trust these bags and will be storing them with my clothes in my basement ( which I couldn’t do before because there is moisture in my basement ) SAVE MONEY AND TIME! Ziploc bags are a waste of money and do not function as well as these do! My photo shows my medium bag with 6 yes SIX pretty big blankets! SEALED TIGHT!

Picture 20

You can find VonHaus Vacuum Bags here on Amazon for $18!!

Bad boys! and where are the cupcakes?!

bandana CSQfBmZU8AE4Jg_

I honestly think that sometimes having a puppy or new dog is almost as bad as having a new baby.

  • They cry and whine all the time
  • You have to get up in the middle of the night with them
  • They both at some point pee all over the floor.

I love our Dozer and I’ve gotten through the pee on the floor, and now we still struggle with the middle of the night stuff ( when its really bad we use the kennel )  Most of the crying i can handle. My super strength mommy tune out ears!!


What really drives me CRAZY.. is when Dozer relentlessly bites and plays WAY too rough with Jack.  Please don’t get me wrong Jack can totally be a jerk!  I’ve just noticed a lot more that Jack is really DONE playing after a few minutes because Dozer is really rough and then i notice Jack being more rough to combat Dozers roughness. In the end I end up Kicking jack out of this area. I know there has to be a better way! Its not fair to Jack and its not going to teach dozer by keeping them apart.. I just don’t want either of them to get hurt.

I get up this morning to get ready because I have to deliver cupcakes to the school for my daughters halloween party. I feed DozerDevilDog and attempt to let both dogs outside! ( HOT MESS ) Poor Jack cant even pee without being jumped on.  Finally get them both out and go to get the cupcakes out of the fridge and they are GONE. Clearly my daughter has forgotten mom was going to give the cupcakes a ride to school.

I think this day that’s already given me a migraine can go away!


Hair issues?

I’m not one to condone anything that doesn’t work like they say it will. I Have been using this protein hair mask for over a week! I will say this much, my hair has been feeling a ton better. I have dry & damaged hair and my hair is very fine. I don’t really notice a difference in volume but that’s ok with me because I have been trying for a while to find something that helped with the breakage and dryness! This is for sure doing that!

I will also say that I’ve noticed a difference on Danielle too, she has a lot of issues with breakage due to always wearing her hair up and brushing too hard. When you open it you will notice it’s not some thin liquid that’s going to get all over. Its think and easy to apply to your hair and it won’t end up all over the shower!  Its smells pretty good too!

Picture 18Picture 17

Its available here on AMAZON for under $20


Body Candy = Just one of my FAVORITES

I gotta tell you if I didn’t already LOVE this company, I sure do now!

Having body piercings is really a pretty cool way to be different, express yourself in your own way. I can only speak for myself but getting a new piece of jewelry makes me happy. For me it also renews my piercing I feel just as happy as when I first got it done.

As much as it makes me happy to have new body jewelry I could always afford to go to the local shops to get new stuff as much I would have liked. Also it was getting frustrating to spend the money on pieces for my nose piercing to lose it when i would scratch my nose and accidentally flip it out. ( don’t act like you have never done that  LOL )

I knew that I could find jewelry cheaper online and I tried to. I found some sites that had nice looking pieces. I ordered them only to be highly disappointed.  I stumbled upon Body Candy website and they had A LOT of great stuff not just body jewelry but a variety of things jewelry related and its was really affordable. So I wanted to try one last time to get more affordable jewelry without having to go to the shop.

JACKPOT!  Not only did I find that the items I paid for were good quality but I got more jewelry for the same price I would have paid for one at the shop. Now there was one piece that had a problem. Here is where things get even better.

I emailed body candy and I told them what was going on they apologized right away, and they made it right with me. No questions asked! That was a huge positive thing for me. Not only was the jewelry affordable for me and great quality. IF something was not great quality and wasn’t how I expected.. they wanted to make sure I was happy! They did a great job of keeping me happy too!

To this very day I still have the original pieces I purchased and they are just as good as the day they arrived ( except the nose rings I flipped out or fell asleep with )  So I reached out.. I told them that i’m already a customer and I wanted to share my awesome discovery with people! You know.. Body Candy was just as excited as I was!

Without further delay let me show YOU what the mailman brought for me from BODYCANDY.COM

Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 10Picture 11Picture 12Picture 13Picture 14Picture 15Picture 16

I also go a bunch of nose rings that were too hard to take photos of.. but ill take photos of those soon too! They are nothing short of amazing and cool ( batman,skull, leaf and all kinds of cool stuff!)

Seriously don’t take my word for it! I PROMISE they have something for you, and if you are not happy.. let them know they will do everything that is possible to make sure that you are! Trust me on that! If you want to pay more money going to the shop and you can afford that. Do it.. But if you wanna save some  money and get a lot of great stuff… you need to shop Body Candy!  Check them out below!

BodyCandy Website     Facebook    Twitter   Instagram   Youtube    Pinterest 

I will tell you I was sent these items free or heavily discounted for my honest review and You should also know every word I am saying is true and unbiased, I was not paid by or anyone else! I really do love them and the staff is GREAT! ( shout out to my newfound BEST friend in the body jewelry business!  Thank you so much for giving me this chance to share my awesome experience with your company! )

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