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Foot callus remover :(

Sorry but im not sure how this was suppose to work, once you touch this on your feet it all but stops moving, no removal of ANY dead skin. I was not applying presure whatsoever and the charger, i was glad i had a usb charge port that was on a desk or it would be hanging from an outlet. Doesnt even come with a small plug to connect to the usb cable.
I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!


Stress relieving Eye Mask!

I actually use this every night! I suffer from some pretty painful sinus and stress migraines and can be super light sensitive. I use this cold and in the morning i put it back in the bag (ziplock bag) and back in the freezer til bedtime. I wake up with no puffy eyes and my headache doesn’t last long after putting this on my eyes or my forehead.
You can use this hot or cold which is great!


The soft silky fabric used is very nice and soft on my sensitive eye area. It just feels nice!
I love the natural scent of lavender within this mask which relieves stress and tension
Its a very lightweight mask so its very comfortable and very nice to manipulate with out feeling like you have a brick on your face!
I do wish however that it would stay cooler for a little bit longer but its very very nice for me!
I received this product for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s


Literally I can’t even say I am excited. Im beyond that I am actually impressed! When I agreed to review clear mind I went in fully expecting that I wouldn’t be noticing much of a change. I started taking this just a little over 2 weeks ago. Two capsules once a day with a snack or something. Let me hold my breath..

This really did work! I missed 2 days  of the capsules because of the crazy weekend with the holiday and all. Last night I got ONE migraine and it lasted half the time it usually would have. While I was trying some OTC stuff that I usually take I said to my fiance I haven’t had one of these in almost 2 weeks ( minor headaches yes) but no terrible migraines that I would normally get every few days!

If you have ever had a crippling, make you want to throw up kind of pain from a migraine then you know the struggle! I’m sharing this with you not because I agreed to but MORE because it REALLY does work! 30 days worth of migraine relief is just under $30 but again if you get these bad like I do. Relief is PRICELESS!

I received this product for free or heavily discounted for my UNBIASED honest review!

Purchase Natures Nectar’s Clear Mind here

Sunsella Silicone Egg rings


Had I known that it would have only cost me $12 to make eggs this easy.. i would have done this a long time ago!
Ive always loved eggs.. However i’ve never been great at making nice looking eggs. ( i tried LOL ) So when i got the Sunsella Silicone Egg rings the first thing I wanted to do was use them! Heat up your pan, add a little butter or cooking spray to the pan and i suggest spraying the silicone rings themselves to make a flawless & easy removal ( that’s what i do anyways) I have not yet used them on pancakes but that will be next!
What i really love about them is that they are really easy to clean rinse them off ( or wipe them off) and put them in the dishwasher. BOOM and DONE!
I’m actually debating on doing hashbrowns in these next time because that’s just one more thing that i make that never quite turns out right. smile emoticon
I love these! I had always been worried about silicon stuff melting with heat but they don’t!
The handle is High-grade stainless steel with a stay-cool silicone pad.…/
I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!

No more wimpy utensils!


Hands down the best Utensil set i’ve owned! Chefs Limited are not the average flimsy twerp type utensil that we’ve purchased before! These are sturdy comfortable and they mean business! I think the favorite part for me is the handles! Its hard to explain the handle its like.. soft and easy to grip. At this point in time i have used spatula, slotted spoon and the soup type ladle. I especially love the spatula as most will get really hot and deform at the tip. this one didn’t! I love them.
The stand is VERY handy as well as sturdy! All in all i just wish i had found these sooner!
Great buy for someone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen! ( even me!)
AVailable here on Amazon

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!

Yay for stronger nails!

Biotin is actually a really great supplement for healthy & stronger hair and nails!
I haven’t been taking this long enough to say i notice a huge difference in my hair, however i DO notice a change in my nails, i have noticed that my nails are growing along faster and stronger!

I will have to try and update when i have used it for 30 days by then i should be able to see a difference in my hair by then!12250175_1107291462615165_7086345154494730261_n

I do like this product as its really a large dose of ‪#‎Biotin‬ and i don’t have to take MULTIPLE pills!
Available here on amazon –…/B010DZPG…/ref=od_aui_detailpages00…

Its a 90 day supply!

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!

Educated on candles!

How on earth have I been a candle lover for all these years and never knew what a wick dipper was?

Ocotillo Southwest was the company that showed me the error of my candle burning ways. I have been blowing my candles out for.. well since I bought my first candle. 

I really love candles a ton so I was more than happy when I was approved to review a set from the way out west collection by Ocotillo Southwest. They arrived pretty fast so thats a good thing, but what I really appreciated what the packaging style. The gift box they are in was not only adorable but it was sturdy and even had an insert to prevent the 2 candles from bouncing into each other in addition to the normal foamish paper that also gave it added security for transport!

This is what comes in the box 

  • 2 beautiful HIGH fragrance soy/paraffin wax blend candles they come in many scents
  • Super cute wax dipper tool ( this is new to me I had never heard of these have you?)
  • And a pretty cute card that not only tells you about the company but give you tips on how to get the most from your candle ( including how to use the dipper )

The candles are hand poured and adorable with the charm on the jar! Somehow the charm just adds just enough to the look of the candle to make it very special! I love this added bonus to an already pretty candle!

 The wick inside the candle is a natural lead free cotton wick.  I’ve used the ones with the metal inside the wick.. I’m not really a huge fan especially of them when I have to trim ) Now I have to say the wicks in my candles are already short enough that i don’t have to trim them prior to burning. In the past this has made my candles burn odd. So far This is not the case for my set, they burn just fine! 

Now what I was talking about earlier was the wick dipper, Ive never had one! I was really quite grateful for the included card because that is where i found the information about what it was for and why its a huge benefit to use! It is actually better to dip the wick to put it out vs blowing! I was able to avoid smoke smell after burning my yummy Vanilla candle! ( btw I really do enjoy this vanilla candle compared to the other vanillas that I have tried) 

All in all I recommend  these candles based on appearance, quality, and the education that they provided!  I would love for you to go and like Ocotillo on facebook

You can find the candles like mine HERE ON AMAZON 

Also feel free to check out

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!

Live Infinitely..Indeed!

Yesterday was not so much fun. I had to go grocery shopping and I dislike that very much. I get home and realize I have to leave again and go to the bank. Needless to say I really just wanted to relax. Seriously my Hammock from Live Infinitely arrived just in time to save my whole day!

I’ve been anxious about this Item because I have wanted a hammock for over 4 years now! So when I returned from the bank Todd said I have a surprise on my chair. I went to my desk and found these.

(This is actually a very pretty  purple but the flash makes it look pink. )
I had already done some research on the item so I wasn’t surprised. When you look at the bags you probably think.. there is no way that is everything to set up a hammock. IT IS!
One of the COOLEST things about this hammock is that that this purple bag is attached to the hammock! This is good for me because I always seem to lose things. Plus when you set this up.. you have a place to not only hold the strap pouch, but maybe even your phone or something.
So Todd and I went out right away ( because I NEVER take no for an answer) and were trying to find a good place to set it up. I was VERY excited to get it up and climb in that I just settled on the 2 trees that were clearly close enough to be functional. It literally took us 5 minutes to decide on trees.
The Actual set up process was quite fast and really easy!
I thought I would share my video of the us using this awesome hammock.
I want to give you a quick update since this video I can say that officially I was able to set mine up today in just under 5 minutes! I’m so in love with this product that you bet I’m going to use it EVERYDAY that the weather will allow me to be outside! I’ve fallen in love with this hammock so much that i’m going to buy another one this spring so I don’t have to share mine with Todd!
I want to send a BIG thanks to owners Alicia and Shad! Not only did you provide me with a GREAT product that I have been wanting for such a long time but you make it easy to brag about because it’s super affordable!
Available on amazon HERE
Live Infinitely Contact information –
* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!



I want you to keep in mind that I have reached out to the business that I’m doing the review for because while I have not enjoyed the product I think its important to let the business know why i didn’t like it. I hope that it can be fixed.  I will try my best to update after I have gotten a response from the business.

I don’t usually drink water.  Why? That’s simple. it taste like nothing. and nothing is pretty boring. Ive seen a ton of the water infusers in the last year and never had a desire to buy one or try it. I saw these and decided to give it a shot. I was actually looking forward to doing this review because if it gets me to want to drink more water its a good thing.


The package arrived yesterday, I called the fiance and asked him to pick up some fruit so we can try our sport bottle fruit infusers. ( which he did and got a few different kinds to try) We washed out out bottles to make sure they were clean, cut up the fruit in little pieces and began to fill our infuser part, set that part in the bottle and filled them with water.

Now we put the lids on, made sure the spout was closed all the way and the lids were on good. It was time to shake them up and put them in the fridge for a lil bit to let the fruit infuser do its stuff. I started to shake mine ( not super hard just enough to move the water around) and it started leaking. Todds was also leaking. We  replaced the cap to make sure it wasnt something we did wrong. Still leaked! Which is when I decided to go ahead and make contact with the business to make them aware of the issues we were having. I honestly believe the seal on the lid is just not wide enough to make a good seal for the lid to prevent leaking. You can see it in the video I have posted


This is where you can find them  on Amazon

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!


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