As a mom & photographer I have a huge amount of photos that I have taken. Photographs of my children, my dogs and myself. What happens to the images after they are taken? I upload them to my social media to share with my friends and family.  That is where they sit 95% of the time.

Adoramapix has made it affordable and so very easy for me ( and you ) to bring all of our favorite photos into our homes and not just in your computer!  There are so many times I wanted to get prints made, and the few times that I had I was disappointed! Money spent for something I just was not happy with!

I found adoramapix, and not only were they very affordable, but there was so many different options for me to choose from! Sizes, shapes and what type of print! I had been seeing metal prints being talked about not long ago and I really wanted to try them out. Literally the whole process took me maybe 10 minutes. It was very simple and before I placed the order it actually gave me a preview of what my print would look like!

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I placed my order on October 25th and my prints were delivered on October 31st! I was so anxious to see them, when I unpacked them I had tears in my eyes! They were BEAUTIFUL! They were my photos amazingly printed on a solid sheet of metal! I can’t fully explain how happy these prints made me. I was worried that they would be heavy or hard to place, the prints and the mount are very light weight!

Now I do want to tell you that I didn’t fall in love with just the products. The staff at Adoramapix are wonderful too! If you have questions, they will be able to answer them! That stuff is important to me!

Christmas is coming FAST and Adoramapix can help you for people who are typically hard to get gifts for and a picture lasts a lifetime! A captured memory is priceless!  More importantly you have brilliant images that you are ignoring and adoramapix can help you fix that!

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* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!