Literally I can’t even say I am excited. Im beyond that I am actually impressed! When I agreed to review clear mind I went in fully expecting that I wouldn’t be noticing much of a change. I started taking this just a little over 2 weeks ago. Two capsules once a day with a snack or something. Let me hold my breath..

This really did work! I missed 2 days  of the capsules because of the crazy weekend with the holiday and all. Last night I got ONE migraine and it lasted half the time it usually would have. While I was trying some OTC stuff that I usually take I said to my fiance I haven’t had one of these in almost 2 weeks ( minor headaches yes) but no terrible migraines that I would normally get every few days!

If you have ever had a crippling, make you want to throw up kind of pain from a migraine then you know the struggle! I’m sharing this with you not because I agreed to but MORE because it REALLY does work! 30 days worth of migraine relief is just under $30 but again if you get these bad like I do. Relief is PRICELESS!

I received this product for free or heavily discounted for my UNBIASED honest review!

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