Had I known that it would have only cost me $12 to make eggs this easy.. i would have done this a long time ago!
Ive always loved eggs.. However i’ve never been great at making nice looking eggs. ( i tried LOL ) So when i got the Sunsella Silicone Egg rings the first thing I wanted to do was use them! Heat up your pan, add a little butter or cooking spray to the pan and i suggest spraying the silicone rings themselves to make a flawless & easy removal ( that’s what i do anyways) I have not yet used them on pancakes but that will be next!
What i really love about them is that they are really easy to clean rinse them off ( or wipe them off) and put them in the dishwasher. BOOM and DONE!
I’m actually debating on doing hashbrowns in these next time because that’s just one more thing that i make that never quite turns out right. smile emoticon
I love these! I had always been worried about silicon stuff melting with heat but they don’t!
The handle is High-grade stainless steel with a stay-cool silicone pad.
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