Yesterday was not so much fun. I had to go grocery shopping and I dislike that very much. I get home and realize I have to leave again and go to the bank. Needless to say I really just wanted to relax. Seriously my Hammock from Live Infinitely arrived just in time to save my whole day!

I’ve been anxious about this Item because I have wanted a hammock for over 4 years now! So when I returned from the bank Todd said I have a surprise on my chair. I went to my desk and found these.

(This is actually a very pretty  purple but the flash makes it look pink. )
I had already done some research on the item so I wasn’t surprised. When you look at the bags you probably think.. there is no way that is everything to set up a hammock. IT IS!
One of the COOLEST things about this hammock is that that this purple bag is attached to the hammock! This is good for me because I always seem to lose things. Plus when you set this up.. you have a place to not only hold the strap pouch, but maybe even your phone or something.
So Todd and I went out right away ( because I NEVER take no for an answer) and were trying to find a good place to set it up. I was VERY excited to get it up and climb in that I just settled on the 2 trees that were clearly close enough to be functional. It literally took us 5 minutes to decide on trees.
The Actual set up process was quite fast and really easy!
I thought I would share my video of the us using this awesome hammock.
I want to give you a quick update since this video I can say that officially I was able to set mine up today in just under 5 minutes! I’m so in love with this product that you bet I’m going to use it EVERYDAY that the weather will allow me to be outside! I’ve fallen in love with this hammock so much that i’m going to buy another one this spring so I don’t have to share mine with Todd!
I want to send a BIG thanks to owners Alicia and Shad! Not only did you provide me with a GREAT product that I have been wanting for such a long time but you make it easy to brag about because it’s super affordable!
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* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!