How on earth have I been a candle lover for all these years and never knew what a wick dipper was?

Ocotillo Southwest was the company that showed me the error of my candle burning ways. I have been blowing my candles out for.. well since I bought my first candle. 

I really love candles a ton so I was more than happy when I was approved to review a set from the way out west collection by Ocotillo Southwest. They arrived pretty fast so thats a good thing, but what I really appreciated what the packaging style. The gift box they are in was not only adorable but it was sturdy and even had an insert to prevent the 2 candles from bouncing into each other in addition to the normal foamish paper that also gave it added security for transport!

This is what comes in the box 

  • 2 beautiful HIGH fragrance soy/paraffin wax blend candles they come in many scents
  • Super cute wax dipper tool ( this is new to me I had never heard of these have you?)
  • And a pretty cute card that not only tells you about the company but give you tips on how to get the most from your candle ( including how to use the dipper )

The candles are hand poured and adorable with the charm on the jar! Somehow the charm just adds just enough to the look of the candle to make it very special! I love this added bonus to an already pretty candle!

 The wick inside the candle is a natural lead free cotton wick.  I’ve used the ones with the metal inside the wick.. I’m not really a huge fan especially of them when I have to trim ) Now I have to say the wicks in my candles are already short enough that i don’t have to trim them prior to burning. In the past this has made my candles burn odd. So far This is not the case for my set, they burn just fine! 

Now what I was talking about earlier was the wick dipper, Ive never had one! I was really quite grateful for the included card because that is where i found the information about what it was for and why its a huge benefit to use! It is actually better to dip the wick to put it out vs blowing! I was able to avoid smoke smell after burning my yummy Vanilla candle! ( btw I really do enjoy this vanilla candle compared to the other vanillas that I have tried) 

All in all I recommend  these candles based on appearance, quality, and the education that they provided!  I would love for you to go and like Ocotillo on facebook

You can find the candles like mine HERE ON AMAZON 

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* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!