( this is my review from 2 weeks of use)

I’m 34, and *gasp* sadly I’ve long since become an adult. If you are looking at this product then you’re like me and you want to look and feel younger. Nothing wrong with that! So I’ve been using OZ Naturals “super youth eye gel” I will tell you do not believe things will happen overnight, or that you will magically look 18 again.

I have noticed the under area of my eyes feels more firm and I don’t have the dark circles. I still have my wrinkles! I was really hoping that the wrinkles would get lost. I didn’t notice a huge change in wrinkle decrease. Makes for a sad Chelsea.

Picture 21Picture 22It’s a very small bottle, it says to dab around eyes, forehead and cheek area, the bottle also says it could be used as an all over the face treatment. I personally wouldn’t… the bottle is only  .5fl oz or 15ml it’s not big so I don’t know how long it would last as an all over you face treatment.

Also one thing I personally did NOT enjoy… 2-3 min after applying the product those spots felt sticky/gummy to me. I have NEVER been a fan of anything sticky on my skin It freaks me out. This sticky feeling doesn’t last forever, it’s fine once it dries.. but i’m not a fan of that part at all. Again it’s not a miracle worker…. but it does help firm up the under eye area and reduce the dark circles.

You can pick this up on Amazon Here for just under $18 I would recommend the product and will continue to use it!

* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one else’s!