You can watch the video to see a lil bit of crazy but Its ok, I think I might be crazy about these products!

I literally have spent a lot of time buying face scrubs & making face scrubs from pinterest in hopes to find some magic that will help my skin look and feel better. While yes some of them have been good and do remove dead skin and make my skin smoother. ( At least for a while)

I wanted to try some new skin care lines.. Derma-nu sent me 3 products and I’m going to tell you what they are.. and why I’m so happy with these products!! Are ya ready? If not get ready!

12063597_1095545893789722_2019532461131004788_n The SCRUB! OH MY GOODNESS! I know it looks like a super small container and it is a small container! Inside that container is thee most wonderful smelling little miracle I’ve ever used! ( again… i said it in the video.. I WANTED TO EAT IT..but i did not!) That small container will last me for a good long time! You really honest to goodness only need a tiny bit!( like the size of your thumbnail ) So last night expecting to have to put more on to be able to really scrub my face, to find out the little I took off the cap was enough to spread over my face. Then I realize that not only did I not have to add more to get more scrubby for my face, it was getting everything! Every nook and cranny that I wanted! So here I am doing the scrub and then I notice.. the most amazing tingling! NEVER ever have I had a scrub do that! Suddenly I realize I can feel this scrub cleaning my pores! My mind was BLOWN! This is one product I must keep stocked! You should too if you like face scrubs!

12191506_1095545870456391_5687890816832579143_nThe  Anti-oxidant mask was pretty amazing too, the subtle smell of citrus was very nice! Its got a tingle as well but its more mild! As with the scrub you don’t have to use a ton to cover your face. You leave it on your face to dry for about 10-15 minutes. Here is what i loved about it! Not only did my skin feel nicer and cleaner, but this mask didn’t leave any funky residue on my face like some masks do. It was super easy to remove!

12063371_1095545853789726_7122872381595638151_nNow I had scrubbed my face, used a mask and I was ready for the youth regenerating moisturizing cream. I have used a LOT of different moisturizing in my 34 years. All of which have either NOT moisturized my face, left it oily/greasy feeling or just made it feel nice for 10 minutes and then Id have to reapply it over and over to stop my face from feeling dry. This is creamy and AGAIN.. I only needed a little bit and it lasted all night long! I didn’t feel greasy or oily. Just felt hydrated!

So of course I’m not only shocked how well these things work! Im also going to tell you that I doubt i will find another line that works as well as this one does! Dont take my word for it you have to try them.. even if you only try the scrub! That alone will make you WANT to try the other products! That I can promise!

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* I received products for free or heavily discounted for my unbiased honest review! My opinions and thoughts are my own and no one elses!