So while I was browsing around a few days ago I ended up on the shark tank site. That is where I found the most crazy video I had seen. Here is this grown man dancing around and singing I want to draw a cat for you.. OVER & OVER!  I thought oh my .. surely he is glutton for punishment. I remember waiting for this guy to be laughed off the stage and out of the building.

That didn’t happen.. in fact he got more of an investment than he even asked for. ( You are shocked right? I know I was)  So after seeing that I knew i had to find out what happened after the show, where was Steve Gadlin now and was he still drawing stick figure cats for $10 a pop. So I searched for this odd gentleman and found his site I want to draw a cat for you  and not only was he still drawing cats he had drawn almost 20,000 cats!  (19,214 and counting if you wanted to know)  #mindblown 

I watched a video he had posted called ” The pursuit of awesome rejection letters!”  ( you can watch it HERE) In this video he talks about craving this old VW beetle (aka punch bug) of course he didn’t have the money for them. This crazy guy found addresses of celebrities and asked them  can he have one. LOL in hopes to getting one. You can watch the video to find out what happened. The moral of the story is that you if you don’t ask the question you will never get a yes! There is no such thing as a stupid idea or plan.

Long story short I knew I HAD to tell Todd and Danielle, I played the video and my daughter ends up drawing a cat for Steve while she is sing that dang song! I thought it was so cute and I wanted to share it!


I got  reply from Steve this morningThis is amazing!!! Please tell Danielle thank you for me. What a great cat drawing!!!   – Steve”

Danielle will be getting something from Steve ( How cool is that ) and while I didn’t quite understand the cat drawing or the point behind it, I have a lot of respect for him putting himself out there and ASKING the question!  Thank you Steve for not only making me laugh but also reminding me that I will never get a YES if i don’t go and ask!