K.. i know what you are thinking am i crazy? Its cool.. ill be the one to tell you.. Im super glad i tested the Santamedical tensunit! I Literally Sit at my computer all day long for work.. and then blogging and doing research.. My lower back sometimes kills me.. So when i saw this i was curious.

Basically it has these pads that you stick on whatever area you want to use it on.. (Im using it on my lower back as i do the review) the pads connect to electrode wires which are then connected to the unit. It sends Electronic Pulses on the area to stimulate muscles. It has 8  modes to choose from and an intensity setting that you have the control over.. ( mine set at 3) I do love the fact that im not stuck by an outlet to use this its portable and charges via usb ( yes its included in the box)

Oh so what i did NOT like is that in the manual with the product it tells you how to use it and what the buttons mean but doesnt tell you what the mode names are or what they do. But that is not a make or break for me because I just played with it and decided which ones i liked.. they do have pictures on the modes just not real sure what all of them are..

This is similar to the machine that they use on you at the chiro (this is not intended to take the place of any medical professional or therapies needed by a professional) Im for once in my life anxious to have a issue again with restless leg.. I think this will help me a TON if and when i get that again!

Available here on amazon!

I received this product at a discount for my honest unbiased review of the product! These opinions and words are my own as usual.