I know i have said it before but i’m going to say it again! Customer service is SO very important.
I have a ring set that was purchased from Shane co. In MN. They have FREE LIFETIME warranty.. which means you are WELL taken care of for as long as you own the jewelry! I have to get my ring sized and tacked together with the band. What i think is the most awesome is that you will always have perfectly fitting jewelry no matter how long you own it FREE of charge.

Ok so back to what i was saying..
I had some questions about adding an additional band and some questions about how long it would take for the process. Once i did a online chat and the staff is super sweet and very personable and answered all of my questions right away! When you call them the ladies in the store are so friendly and sweet no matter how busy they are. They have some beautiful jewelry! I love the way they make you feel.. not like just a customer but like a friend.

I spoke to  Chris J. From Englewood,CO tonight because i wanted to know what really makes shane co staff so awesome and nice to work with.  Here is what chris had to say when i asked if i could post his reply to my blog review

“You can. First of all we are not paid on commission. I honestly think that has a lot to do with it. We don’t have to worry about not getting paid if we don’t make the “big” sale. Our owner, Tom Shane, thinks and believes that customer service is tool to keep repeat business and to have great word of mouth referrals. We strive ourselves to be the best customer support we can possible be. The company has survived 4 generations without using any celebrity endorsements or “brand name” jewelry. It is all about customer service, you can have a Vera Wang piece of jewelry that a customer might want, but if it is not superior customer service, they will not be back. We do not want one time buyers, we truly (very cliche) want to be your friend in the diamond business.”

I Wish i had kept the other names of the other amazing people i have worked with. But They are ALL amazing! I dont usually take so much time to make a point about how important customer service is but clearly shane co knows how it is done!

I AM NOT BEING PAID TO WRITE THIS, IM NOT BEING OFFERED ANYTHING OR GETTING ANYTHING IN RETURN.  They are just this amazing that I want more people to feel the way i feel when i speak to them and work with them!

Check them out! ESPECIALLY if you are anywhere close to a store and they have  a lot of stores across the county!