So living in a small town, having a family member that makes some of the  very best homemade salsa that’s now being sold in stores along with their Pepper Jams. I cant help but think back to when they first started as just a homemade recipe that turned into products being sold all over the midwest!

Quality items and services are often undiscovered hidden in our own communities  shadowed by big name brands and companies. I really want to change that and im hoping to make a start of that. Ive been in contact with a few local to me business owners who have products i cant wait to try and review so i can refer my friends.

Im anxious to tell you all about some great stuff made locally as well as some that are not local.

I believe that opinions and feedback is not something that should be bought, businesses grow on word of true experience. That my friends is priceless and should remain so!

Stay tuned as there are going to be alot of exciting things coming!


PS if you like spicy and you want to try something great and based right out of the midwest! ( i wont plug them too much … my aunt and uncle already know they have amazing stuff ) But hey try it yourself and let ME know what you think. If you live in iowa  hy-vee and walmart carry their salsa! Although i have not seen the jams there yet!