Hey guys..  so this  morning after getting an email from a business that ive been super loyal to for like.. oh I don’t know 20 + years.  They offer me 15% off and free shipping on my next purchase. Which is being offered instead of doing and adjustment for $17.50.

I’m actually laughing at this point because to me it’s not what happens in the end. Its is all about how the experience makes me feel. ( Which is super important )

Here is  the logic behind my statement

I have had the honor of having the MOST amazing bacon bleu cheese burger in the state of Iowa. ALWAYS with fresh and yummy add ons and amazing fries.  I discovered this bar /grill while i was working . I called in my order and  the voice on the other end said it will be about 15 – 20 minutes.  I show up to this cute  establishment and am greeted by a very big smile on the face of a woman just a lil older than me. i was a bit early so she chatted with me about how i liked the place i’m working at. She mentioned she wanted to try the burger i ordered but wasn’t a fan of bleu cheese.  (there wasn’t awkward silence while i waited for my food in a bad on my lunch hour. ) She made me feel welcomed.  She was just the sweetest woman. When the cook brought my food out she checked to make sure i had everything i had asked for and tossed in a few more napkins.

I had never in my life waited on food and felt so relaxed. I ordered from there every day that i worked on site for my job. I would call my order for take out and the very nice woman who made me a fan remembered me. She said Chelsea ill have it ready by 1 for you. I worked til 1 and walked over to get my food.. and you know what i had ordered and raved so much.. that she asked me come have lunch with her she would try it. After all i told her i was like her and didn’t like bleu cheese but i HAD extra on my burger it was that good.

I know ive had better burgers in my life… but this one.. was made with love by people who respected and appreciated my business. The business did eventually close due to lack of business in an area that had been affected by a flood and in the area was a lot of road work making it difficult to access the place.

I literally cried because not only would i lose my bacon bleu burger so close to my work.. but it would never be the same without melissa & Nikki and the other staff.  The Fieldhouse had another location on the other side of town and Nikki and melissa moved to that one.. but the burger never tasted the same as the cook was not the same and he  made it with love and the ladies made my time there UNFORGETTABLE.

Ok i know i blabbed on but the point is.. it’s not what you do, what you see, or how you make  it most of the time you build loyalty by the EXPERIENCE that you create!

If you want to really understand.. watch this – it changed my outlook on a lot of things in life